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what is spotbot?

SPOTBOT provides 24/7 human detection on CCTV Camera feeds.

It eliminates 99% of false alarms with regards to moving vegetation and animals. 

It converts almost any CCTV system into the ultimate EARLY WARNING systemby only detecting human intruders!

What does spotbot actually do?

A single SPOTBOT can monitor a maximum of 8 cctv feeds. SPOTBOT works by targeting only the human form of an intruder through advanced artificial intelligence.

When the intruder is detected, SPOTBOT will send you a message via telegram in the form of video clips and also photos, so that you can respond accordingly.

Where can you use SPOTBOT?

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Around The House


Around The Farm

Around the business

Around The Business

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Around The Field

Main Features

SPOTBOT Installation Manual

What Does people say?

Why Get Your SPOTBOT and Cameras From Us?

So, it is a fact that installers have become ludicrous with there pricing!

Do it yourself with our help!

Have a look at the video and we will gladly guide you!

What Else Might I Need?

Let us cover two questions in one!

Do I need the internet for SPOTBOT, no it is actually not a requirement as the speaker will still sound the alarm for early warning human or intruder detection!

We would prefer you to have the internet to make use of the full functionality of SPOTBOT!

Frequently Asked Questions

SPOTBOT supports most mainstream camera brands like Hikvision, Provision, Dahua and Tenda. Over time, other CCTV camera brands will also be added and supported.

A lot of applications require detection at night. SPOTBOT performs well at night even on the weaker night-vision video streams. Make sure your CCTV cameras perform well at night with sufficient IR range.

SPOTBOT does not need very high-resolution cameras. The resolution you need will depend on the application and the level of detail required. For SPOTBOT, 720p HD cameras will be sufficient and it will still perform well on an even lower resolution. Even low-resolution camera feeds (352×240 pixels) delivered good detection results. SPOTBOT will not affect the normal application and use of the CCTV system.

The following external factors can be addressed to optimize and enhance your SPOTBOT’s performance:
Ensure that your Internet link is stable at all times.
The picture quality of your cameras plays an important part in the success of the SPOTBOT’s detection ability. Better quality means better detection performance.
Install your SPOTBOT in a cool and dry environment.
Ensure that you have sufficient flood lights or IR lights installed for night-time operation.
Ensure that camera installations are secure and sturdy.

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