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Product Overview

Laser pointer taser/stun gun combination for which you DO NOT NEED a firearm license and can assist you in the event of a personal attack. The stun gun is the most effective self-defense mechanism on the market.

The taser/stun gun is highly effective and has a dual-purpose, keeping an attacker up to 4 meters away from you. The taser/stun gun can also be used for close combat when the cartridge is not loaded or used as a regular taser.

The taser/stun gun is not a firearm however, when fired it sounds like one. Just imagine - 80,000 volts is no joke! It puts an adult man out of action for 20-30 minutes !! This cartridge is like a bullet. Every cartridge allows one (1) shot but reloading the taser/stun gun can be done in a matter of 2 seconds with a new cartridge.

What makes this product so unique:
The Rechargeable Taser shoots out a 4-meter wire with prongs which stick in about 1 cm into the assailant’s body enabling the victim to stun the assailant from a distance. This device uses disposable replaceable cartridges which burn out after approximately 30 seconds of stunning.

When the taser gun is fired off, the two small dart-like electrodes penetrates into the assailants body, whilst staying connected to the main unit by conductors to deliver electric current. This  electric current disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing “neuromuscular incapacitation”. Someone struck by a Taser experiences extreme pain and over-stimulation of sensory nerves and motor nerves, resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions.

Technical Specifications & features


  • Power source: 4.8 volts rechargeable battery to 80 000V output power
  • Weight: 0.19 kg
  • 100% effective at 3-4 meters
  • Penetrates through clothing and skin
  • Needle is 9 mm long
  • Built-in flashlight, loud alarm and red laser sight. Where the laser beam is shining, is where it is going to shoot … very easy to aim.
  • Comes complete with hand piece, recharge cable and 3 cartridges inside a neat carry case.
  • 6 Month warranty


  • Cost effective compared to other expensive tasers and weapons
  • Fire 2 electronic pins over a distance of 4 meters, which shocks 80,000 volts through the attacker’s body.
  • “Stun gun mode” Alternatively can be used without the cartridge
  • The shock force of 80 000v can take an adult male in less than a second for 20 minutes plus out of action
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Fits easily in a handbag or your pocket.
How and where to use ?

You can absolutely keep this device anywhere, – whether with you in your vehicle, handbag (especially when driving) and / or with you at work or at home

Important notes about this device:
It is important to first charge the device and then recharge once every week or 2 weeks, so please check first before using.
This product is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in charger. Insert the power cord into a wall socket to charge.
The charge time should be 3- 5 hours. During charging-up it can`t be used.
After a long period of non-use, it should be checked and charged before use.
The stun gun should not be stored in a humid environment.

DO NOT shock metal objects
DO NOT shock children, persons with heart disease and or any vital part on the human body.

How to operate this device:
Step 1 – Clip your cartridge onto the front end of the device
Step 2 – When ready to shoot, simply switch the device on and press the round button(Firing trigger) situated at the top of the device.
Step 3 – Remember to hold the button Down to “Stun” your attacker.

Cartridges can only be used once and must then be disposed of.
Once the cartridge is fired, the gun can double up as a Stun Gun.

Delivery Fee ?
What is in the Box?

1 X Carry Case
1 X Taser Gun
3 X Cartridges
1 X Charging Cable

Delivery/Courier Procedures

1. Free delivery / Free shipping for purchases of R1500 or more.

2. Our goal is that the customer receives the goods purchased within 5 working days (excluding public holidays / weekends)

3. In-stock products are couriered the following morning, once an order is placed and paid for.

4. Product delivery can be expected to be delivered within 3 to 5 working days. However deliveries to outlying and rural areas can take up to 7 working days.

5. My Kleine Winkel makes use of Courier Guy, Dawn Wing and Courier-It for the delivery of all the orders.

6. Tracking procedure – customer receives email containing an “tracking link”, which then can be used to track and trace the parcel.

7. PLEASE NOTE: Couriers don’t deliver to farms and / or postal boxes. Please take this into consideration when inserting your address. Rather ask a friend to receive your package. We are always willing to assist we just ask for reasonable requests.

Payment Options

At My Kleine Winkel – you have 3 payment method options to choose from – PAYGATE, YOCO and ordinary Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


YOCO is a trusted payment service provider in South Africa. You will be required to insert your debit / credit card details (Your details will never be saved).

    1. If you choose PAYGATE, you will be redirected to their website. PAYGATE is a trusted payment service provider in South Africa and we have two options with them.
      1. Instant EFT works more or less the same, as doing an EFT with your bank account. Instant EFT does not save your details and use very high security to process the transaction.
      2. PAYGATE also accept Credit Cards, Master Card and Visa, also not saving any details making it very secure.


  1. If you select EFT, our website will firstly show you our banking details and is also available on the copy of the invoice that you will receive after your order.
  2. When you make use of the EFT option please be so kind to forward us your proof of payment as soon as physically possible as we cannot keep stock aside until we receive your proof of payment a couple of days later.
  3. Please remember to send your proof of payment via email with your order number as a reference, the reason why we are asking this is to supply you with the best possible service.

If for some bizarre reason this does not happen, please use the WhatsApp button to contact us


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