Solar Motion Detector 2 (Pet Friendly <25kg)

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Our Pet-Friendly addition of the Solar Motion Detector!
Eliminate the risk of being surprised by unwanted perpetrators entering your properties.

The Solar Motion Detector 2 with an IP-65 waterproof design, is a wireless DIY, easy to install security device that is activated and deactivated using a remote up to 10 meters in an open area without any interference.

What makes this product so unique?

The device is pet-friendly and being mobile and / or a standalone alarm system it is ideal for anyone looking for a cost effective, early detection security option without any contract and / or monthly instalments or any installation costs.

You don’t need the expertise of a professional installer to install / mount the Pet-Friendly Solar Motion Detector.

1 review for Solar Motion Detector 2 (Pet Friendly <25kg)

  1. Cedric Coetzer (verified owner)

    1. This unit’s pet friendly setting is not so pet friendly. Our pets, weights 5kg, 7kg & 9kg, individually sets off this alarm every time.
    2. the message when activating and de-activating is annoying – according to the operating manual it cannot be changed.
    3. Have not tried to link it wireless to the main alarm system.
    4. putting it on permanent 12VDC is a mission – needs soldering, which is going to be tricky.
    Otherwise a great gadget, not so sure though it is worth R1399 (special price).
    If anything here is not according to manufacturer’s details, feel free to guide me otherwise – 083 489 3688 (

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The device is perfect for any residential, complexes and business (car traders, construction industry and many more) properties.

The Solar Motion Detector 2 can be controlled via remote control. The Recommended installation height is between 1.8m and 2.4m and is ideal for perimeters around residential properties, complexes and so much more!

The device includes 2 remote controls, each device can be programmed with up to 4 remote controls and multiple devices can be controlled by the remote control.

The device can be connected to an alarm system via wireless, however, please speak to your alarm installer regarding this.

The device is also suitable for indoor use, as it can be coupled to a 12VDC power supply (not included).

PLEASE NOTE THAT DIRECT SUNLIGHT IS NEEDED for sufficient use before set-up and programming. Alternatively, connect the device to 12VDC.

When setting up the device, the following instructions can be followed:

  1. Remove the screw at the bottom of the device and open the device by sliding/pulling the cover towards the bottom.
  2. Turn on the power switch.
  3. Sensitivity on the device can be adjusted to a high and low sensitivity setting. Please refer to the manual section: Installation Set
  4. The device is programmed with 16 prerecorded messages.
  5. The device can be set to different phrases or the siren.
  6. To program the phrases or siren:
    1. Set the power switch to off.
    2. Hold the select button Down while switching the power on.
    3. Press the select button once for each prerecorded message until the desired message or siren is found.
    4. Press and hold the enter button until the red/Green LED starts flickering. The device is now set.
    5. Close the device.

Important Notes

  1. The device will sound its siren for up to 10 seconds or playback the recorded messages when triggered.
  2. Please note the device is to be used in close proximity as the siren is only 90 decibels, if used as a standalone unit.
  3. The device has a blinking RED or GREEN LED while in standby mode during night time.
  4. The device is pet friendly but only animals smaller than 25kg.
  • 1 X Pet-Friendly Solar Motion Detector
  • 4 X Wall Plug Screws
  • 2 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Battery size: 3.6VDC AAA-lithium battery
  • Installation height: 1.8m.-2.4m
  • Alarm LED: red / blue
  • Siren Volume: 90 db
  • RFI / EMI protection: 0.1-500MHz / 3v / m
  • Temperature compensation: Digital
  • Operating Temperature: -30 ℃ / + 50 ℃
  • Operating Humidity (RH): 95%
  • Sensitivity: 2P
  • Detection speed: 0.2m / s to 3.5m / s
  • Radio emission: ≥200m (open space)
  • Size: 21cm * 8cm * 19cm
  • Anti-fire: Flame-resistant ABS material
  • Field of monitoring: 12 m * 12 m at 110 °
  • 6 Months Warranty

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    Customer Feedback & Reviews

    mees professionele diens ooit!! Ek het my solar alarms die oggend bestel, gereëlde terugvoer gekry en my pakkie was by my die volgende oggend. Dis hoe besigheid MOET werk .... bekostigbare produkte en flinke diens.
    Willi Saunderson
    Willi Saunderson
    BAIE DANKIE vir julle vinnige en goeie diens. Beslis n goeie belegging gemaak met die aankoop van ons solar motion detectors.Kan julle hoogs aanbeveel
    Renee Coetzee van Dalen
    Renee Coetzee van Dalen
    excellent fast and friendly delivery
    Louise De Klerk
    Louise De Klerk
    Vinnige aflewering. Goeie diens
    Hannelie Breet
    Hannelie Breet
    Uitstekende diens!! Le Roux was baie behulpsaam en vriendelik. Het my ligte/alarms binne 2 dae ontvang, hulle werk baie mooi!
    Annelize Meyer Cloete
    Annelize Meyer Cloete
    Got my parcel the very next day, ordering process is very simple with assistance readily available. Products are of good quality and value for money.
    Natasha Packery
    Natasha Packery
    Baie dankie vir julle vinnige diens, my pakkie binne 2 dae ontvang!!
    Rudolf En Melisa Marx
    Rudolf En Melisa Marx
    Baie dankie vir vinnige en puik diens. Binne 1 dag my produkte gekry in Mosselbaai. Hou so aan!
    Steven Laubscher
    Steven Laubscher
    Die liggies werk lekker! En geen beter plek om hul te kry as @ My Kleine Winkel
    Werner Van der Merwe
    Werner Van der Merwe
    Baie goeie diens. Dankie julle
    Niekie Cronje
    Niekie Cronje

    1 in stock

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