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SNO Wifi Light Bulb PTZ Cameras 4MP ( A step above the rest)

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SNO WiFi Light Bulb PTZ Cameras – A Fusion of Illumination and Surveillance

Introducing SNO’s innovative WiFi Light Bulb PTZ Cameras, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly combines the functionality of smart lighting and advanced surveillance. This dual-purpose device is designed to enhance both your illumination and security needs.

  • 360-Degree Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Functionality: Enjoy comprehensive coverage with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, ensuring no blind spots in your surveillance area.
  • Integrated WiFi Connectivity: Effortlessly connect to your home or office network, providing convenient remote access to live footage and camera controls through a dedicated app.
  • Full HD Video Quality: Capture crystal-clear images and videos with the camera’s Full HD resolution, ensuring that every detail is recorded with precision.
  • Two-in-One Lighting and Surveillance: Replace your standard light bulbs with these smart alternatives, providing both illumination and surveillance in one discreet device.


Key Features for Enhanced Security and Illumination

Explore the key features that make SNO’s WiFi Light Bulb PTZ Cameras a versatile choice for modern homes and businesses.

  • 360-Degree PTZ Control: Rotate the camera 360 degrees horizontally, tilt it vertically, and zoom in for detailed surveillance coverage.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your existing WiFi network for easy setup and remote access to camera feeds.
  • Full HD Resolution: Enjoy clear and detailed video quality, ensuring that you can identify important details in your surveillance footage.
  • Smart Lighting Control: Adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.


  • Dual-Functionality: Combine smart lighting with advanced surveillance in a single device.
  • Remote Access: Monitor your property remotely through the dedicated app for live footage and camera controls.
  • High-Quality Imaging: Capture detailed images and videos with the Full HD camera resolution.
  • Smart Lighting: Adjust the light’s brightness and color temperature for personalized illumination.

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Enhance Your Security, Simplify Your Life:

Our Light Bulb PTZ Camera is the perfect solution for enhancing your security while seamlessly blending into your environment. It’s an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and those looking for a cost-effective security solution. Experience the power of advanced monitoring and keep your space safe with style.

Discover the future of home and business security with our Light Bulb PTZ Camera.

How to & where to use?

Our SNO Wifi Light Bulb PTZ cameras are designed to offer comprehensive surveillance and blend seamlessly into your living or working space. Here are some key areas and ways to use these cameras:

1. Home Security:

  • Indoor Monitoring: Install Light Bulb PTZ cameras in living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways to keep an eye on your family and belongings.
  • Outdoor Areas: Use them in covered outdoor spaces like porches, patios, or balconies to monitor your surroundings.

2. Business Security:

  • Offices: Enhance security in offices by placing cameras in key areas, allowing you to monitor employees and visitors.
  • Retail Stores: Keep an eye on your store’s interior and entrance to deter shoplifting and ensure customer safety.
  • Warehouses: Monitor inventory and loading areas to prevent theft and ensure the safety of your assets.

3. Child and Pet Monitoring:

  • Nursery or Playroom: Use Light Bulb PTZ cameras to check on your children or pets while you’re in another part of the house.

4. Entry Points:

  • Front Door: Ensure the security of your entrance by capturing clear images and video footage of visitors.
  • Back Door: Monitor your back entrance for added peace of mind.
  • Garage: Keep an eye on your garage to protect your vehicles and belongings.

5. Smart Home Integration:

  • Integrate these cameras into your smart home ecosystem for voice control and automation.

6. DIY Installation:

  • Easily replace existing light bulbs with Light Bulb PTZ cameras using a standard light socket, making installation a breeze.

7. Customized Viewing:

  • Use the mobile app to access live streams and recorded footage from anywhere, offering flexibility and convenience.

8. Motion Detection and Alerts:

  • Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone when motion is detected, ensuring you’re always in the know.

9. Night Vision:

  • Enjoy clear monitoring in low-light or dark conditions thanks to night vision capabilities.

10. Two-Way Communication:

  • Communicate with family members or visitors in real-time via the built-in two-way audio feature.

11. Energy Efficiency:

  • Save energy by replacing traditional light bulbs with these dual-purpose devices.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your home security, monitor your business, or keep an eye on your loved ones, our Light Bulb PTZ cameras offer a practical and cost-effective solution. Their discreet design ensures that you’re protected without compromising the aesthetics of your space. Discover the versatility and peace of mind that these cameras bring to your life.


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Technical Specifications & features

Kindly download our complete specification sheet HERE

Kindly download our complete user manual HERE

Warranty 6 Months


What is in the box?

  • 1 X SNO Wifi Light Bulb Camera (Screw Type)
  • 1 X User Manual


APP used is the TUYA APP.
CLOUD STORAGE (Storage of recordings on the internet) is PAID for but OPTIONAL.

When do I get it?

PARGO = R50 & The COURIER GUY = R105

Delivery both 05


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