20W Solar LED Flood Light with Motion Sensor

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Product Overview

The device is perfect for every residential, business, and industrial property.

The Motion Sensor Flood Light lights up a area if there is movement in an area and uses less energy than continuously running lights.

The Solar Flood light can easily be installed anywhere in minutes. If you have a space to illuminate, LED flood light fixture will get the job done. This device floods an area with light and is bright enough to allow people to feel safe in an area.

What makes the product so unique:
Motion sensor lights also have the added benefit of catching people off-guard. This means that, if a criminal does attempt to do something on your property they shouldn’t be doing, the light will come on suddenly and startle them.

The solar motion floodlight can add as an additional layer of security due to the device's sensor feature, catching perpetrators off-guard when the light suddenly turns on as it picks up movement. The Solar Motion Floodlight makes it unpredictable for perpetrators to reach their target.

Using Solar LED floodlights as the primary lighting source in an outdoor area can also save you money on electricity.

LOAD SHEDDING in South Africa remains an obstacle, therefor the Motion Sensor Solar Flood Light will be operational during times, when you do not have any electricity at home, this making it safer for you and your loved ones.

The Motion Sensor Solar LED flood lights does not only make an area safer, but they also boost the effectiveness of other safety devices.

Technical Specifications & features
  • Output: 20w
  • Lighting angle: 120 degrees
  • Motion Sensor
  • Lifespan: 50000h (LED only)
  • Enclosure rating: IP65
  • High quality solar cells
  • High Lumens led
  • Lighting for more than 12 hours
  • 6 Month Warranty
How and where to use ?

Easily install the Motion Sensor Solar Flood Light anywhere in minutes.

The Motion Sensor Solar Flood Light can be installed in your garden, entrance areas, perimeter, and many other place. You can either mount it directly to the wall or other surfaces, as long as it is exposed to sunlight.  The angle of the flood light can be adjusted as needed to position the light.

The Recommended installation height would be any height between 1.8m and 4m.

PLEASE NOTE – The Battery Can Be Replaced.

Setup Steps:
Step 1 – Connect your cable in the correct manner to the solar panel and light, please look at indicators on the cable where applicable.
Step 2 – After the cable is connected to the solar panel please leave the device in an off position and place the device in sunlight for at least 1 day to build up a decent charge of the battery.
Step 3 – The device has 3 different settings: the dials can be located on the motion sensor: 1 Sensitivity- Sensitivity of the motion sensor is adjustable, 2 Time – This will determine how long the light will stay on and 3 Lux – The lux will determine when the light will come on, during day time or night time (In general set it to night time).
Step 4 – Adjust the settings according to your needs and place the switch in an on position when done.

What is in the box ?
Delivery/Courier Procedures

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Payment Options

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